The Power Drive Machine (PDM)- Patent Pending


DTW introduces the Power Drive Machine (PDM) – the alternative to the Blocking Sled, Resistance Training Belts. parachutes and other push-pull inventions. DTW founder Dr. Tom Stewart has been involved with strength training programs for over 30 years as a Physical Therapist.  Dr. Stewart worked with DTW engineer Paul Lando to develop the PDM as an effective dynamic training device utilizing closed kinetic chain exercise principles.

The PDM provides consistent resistance when pushing or pulling while avoiding the risk of injury when using sleds and other traditional training devices. The PDM easily adjusts to accommodate any size and range of athlete for any sport – football, baseball, basketball, hockey, track, wrestling, gymnastics, soccer, and rugby. Any athlete wanting to develop lower trunk and lower extremity strength will be challenged by a PDM workout.

The PDM employs all of the principals of push-pull exercises targeting lower trunk and leg development without the risk of those injuries experienced with Blocking Sleds, pushing automobiles, pulling against parachutes and the like.  It’s multi-adjustable design allows for use by absolutely any size and range of athlete, from football players to baseball, basketball, hockey, track, wrestling, gymnastics, soccer, skiing, and rugby.


The PDM’s “dial-in resistance system” allows the athlete to easily adjust the level of resistance without the need to load any weight on the unit.  The skid resistant tires allow the unit to be used on any surface – grass, carpet, or any interior surface.  The PDM conforms to the specifications as set forth by manufacturers of synthetic field turf systems so that the PDM won't damage these surfaces.  With its compact design, the PDM works as well on finished floors as it does outdoors on manicured lawns.  Pushing, pulling, serpentine, or circular training movements are all a part of the PDM training regimen to develop the trunk and lower extremity muscles while vigorously engaging the cardiovascular system.


Heavy gage machined steel plates are welded to form the structural shell of this 600 pound machine.  Housing an automotive grade hydraulic disc braking system, this unique machine enables rolling resistive force to be adjusted smoothly and progressively over a wide range with the results displayed on a large, easy to read analog gauge.  The ergonomic user interface devices come to the drive hub, which is of heavy precision, ground tool steel shaft with welded flanges; enabling over 180 degrees of orientation for push or pull operation. 


Large pneumatic tires provide low ground contact pressures for turf-safe operation while providing up to 400 pounds of rolling resistance before wheel skid.  The PDM requires very little maintenance.  Tire pressures need to be monitored, but the internal hydraulic braking system requires no regular maintenance. Customized force arms are available for hand and forearm pushing. These could be designed to accommodate a specific training application.

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Matt Krause, Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Cincinnati Reds has incorporated the PDM into their pitchers and position player’s lower extremity strengthening program. Matt says “We have found that the PDM effectively challenges our players”.



The Power Drive Machine is not just for Football. It is currently being used to train athletes in Baseball. Basketball and Track. Any Athelete that wants increased strength and endurance for the lower extremities and core will benefit from PDM Training




Base dimensions 32” x 44”
The PDM will fit easily through a 36” doorway
Weight: 675 lbs


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Suggested retail price:     $3995.00 
2013 Introductory price:  $3250.00 

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