Diverse Technology Works is proud to introduce the UEX Bar (The Ultimate Exercise Bar).  This device is a new Patent
 Pending adjustable force flex bar enabling a wide range of exercises in multiple planes with variable resistance! The bar will strengthen the biceps, triceps, shoulder, forearm, wrist and grip musculature; as well as leg and core body musculature.  The extremely versatile UEX Bar is easy to use, small and portable, and of quality construction.  It enables a great workout for a wide range of athletes including baseball players, hockey players, golfers, or any athlete involved in a sport that requires maximum hand and arm strength.  The UEX Bar can also be used in-home for regular overall fitness routines (see video clip).  Physical and occupational therapists will find the UEX Bar to be an effective tool for home exercise programs for their patients too.
Engineered with textured grips  capping the ends of the rubber lined-dual coil-spring core provide a positive grip and smooth quiet operation.  
The Patent Pending adjustable resistance is dialed in through a threaded steel rod and spring inserts, and displayed on a flush-mounted stainless steel pin gage built into the adjustment handle of the UEX Bar.  Spring tension and resistive force is maintained by using a 2-piece core and sleeve connection instead of cheaper, more readily available alternatives.  Robust quality, a powerful unique workout; you can feel it!
Suggested Retail Price: $59.95
2015 Introductory price $49.95 + Free Shipping
Weight: 3lbs
Length: 17 ¼ inches
Width: 1 ½ inches
Please Review this video to understand comfort of use issues and precautions when using  the UEX Bar




  • The UExBar is intended for bending use only; it is not intended for twisting movements.
  • Maintain a firm grip on both handles when bending to prevent abrupt spring-back.
  • The UExBar comes with a one year warranty from any manufacturer defects (proof of purchase required).
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